Microfiber Glass-Cleaning Cloth


I probably use this tool more than any other. Every guitar repair starts and ends with cleaning. As such, I’ve tried about twenty different cloths and paper towels on guitar finishes, and this works the best. Beware, though – not all microfiber cloths are created equal. There’s some with a suede finish that you get with eyeglasses or with your new cell phone – these work OK for awhile, but load up with soil too quickly for my liking. The other common microfiber cloths you see have lots of little tufts of fiber, like a bath towel. These, even the ones marketed as “Guitar Cleaning Cloths,” are universally terrible at cleaning guitars – they smudge the dirt around, and the tufts leave little grease line patterns on the finish. You’re looking for a microfiber cloth with the fibers tightly woven in a herringbone pattern. These are usually sold as glass or windshield cleaning cloths. I’ve only been able to find them in auto parts stores in person, but they’re also available online.

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